Cargo Tracking System

At the click of a button this on-line tool connects with the real-time information of 101 shipping lines and 159 airlines. Our software will connect with the relevant carrier instantly and provide you with the precise status of your shipment at that moment.

Simply enter the AWB, container or B/L number in the boxes below and click ‘Track.’

Air Cargo


Carrier Schedule allows you to search the sailing schedules of over 125 shipping lines in real-time. What appears is real-time information of upcoming sailing dates with the vessel’s name, transit time and ETA at the destination.

Inco Terms

The information on the 3Aces’ web site is primarily for an added advantage for general tracking as a reference only and there could be some inadvertent errors due to human entry mistakes. This information can under no circumstance be used against the management of 3Aces against any legal arbitration or in the court of law.